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Disposable Medical Surgical Products
        Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter

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Disposable Medical Surgical Products Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter

You cannot take chances when it comes critical hospital care. Life is too precious for that. It is this consciousness that spurs everyone at Surgico Products to accept quality as a serious responsibility on their shoulders.

Surgico Products came into existence in 1999 to usher in clinical best practices through medical disposable products that measure up to best.

An ISO 9001:2000 company
with own ISO 9001:2000 Laboratory

     About Us

  High Quality Value chain :
    We source the best raw materials and components from very competent suppliers.

  Manufacturing best practices :
    We have a fully automatic plant that turns out products untouched by human hands. There is also an in-house E.T.O. sterilized unit. All for the sake of the
    highest hygiene and safety of our products.

  Comprehensive quality assurence :
    A well-equipped in-house lad puts our products through rigorous sterility, toxicity, pyrogen and physico-chemical tests.

  High standards :
    All our products conform to I.S. specifications.

  Quality-driven professionals :
    Our people are trained, experienced and consider quality as their personal mission.

  World-class products :
    We export to more than 10 countries in the world, inculding demanding markets like Russia and South Africa.

An ISO 9001:2000 company
with own ISO 9001:2000 Laboratory

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